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Since 1983, Cymatix has been providing a wide range of motion control products and services from the world’s leading manufacturers. Representing leading suppliers not only allows us to ensure your applications success but allows us to provide a complete solution. Our team of engineers will provide design consultations and assistance in sizing/selecting products providing you with a complete Bill of Materials.

Akribis Systems

Linear brushless motors with zero cogging for high acceleration and high speed and an iron core design for applications that demand greater force. Frameless brushless motors ranging in size from 50 to 360mm diameter and two designs of voice coil motors, round and rectangular. Precision stages using linear and rotary brushless motors are available. Single and dual bearing designs using cross roller, profile (LM guides), and air bearings can be assembled in single, X-Y, and X-Y-Z configurations. Voice coil actuators provide smooth motion at low speeds and high acceleration. High-force voice coil actuators can be packaged with linear encoders. Integrated linear stages and Direct Drive Rotary stages use high resolution encoders. Stages with clean room friendly covers and bellows are available.


CGI Precision gearheads are available in NEMA sizes 17 to 75. Metric equivalents are also available. Standard ratios ranging from 3:1 to 700:1, in planetary and spur designs, with custom shafts and multiple mounting options, are offered in right-angle, in-line, and offset configurations. The Predator, Raptor, and Prime gearheads have a five-year warranty. Custom gearing design and fabrication are also available.

Copley Controls

CANopen, EtherCat, and Macro communication protocols are offered on the Xenus and Accelnet servo motor drives and Stepnet stepping motor drives providing distributed control solutions. The distributed architecture simplifies the amplifier-to-controller wiring. A single high-speed communication protocol can serve both motion and I/O. CANopen is supported with a PCI based master interface card. The CMO (Copley Motion Objects) interface software is accessed with Visual Basic.NET. The CML (Copley Motion Libraries) is written in C++.


Cymatix offers a line of brushless motors in 24, 42, 57, 60, and 80 mm frame sizes with optical encoder and brake options. In addition, we provide value-added services including connectorized motors, motor-brake and motor-brake-encoder assemblies, motor-gearhead assemblies, connectorized sensors, and other customized sub-assemblies. We will team with your engineering and production staffs to design, assemble, and test components to meet your needs. Let us facilitate your bill of materials by having our in-house assembly department become an extension of your manufacturing capacity.

Delta Electronics

The ASDA family of servo drives and motors offers performance and power in a small footprint. Available in several power versions, from 100W to 15kW, with up to three times the rated current for peak power. The systems are configurable for analog torque and velocity, pulse and direction, position registers, master/slave following, indexing, and EtherCAT. The DVP series PLC offers two types of Main Processing Units (MPU): standard and slim. Variable Frequency Drives are available from ¼ to 475HP. Configurations include micro, V/f, high-frequency (3KHz), closed loop vector, sensorless vector, constant torque, and variable torque. Din rail and panel mount power supplies with 85 – 480Vac input for 5, 12, 24 and 48Vdc output. The DOP series of Human Machine Interfaces provide various touch screens with multiple dimensions (3.5 to 10 inches), 65,536 colors, and support a variety of drivers.

Dings’ Motion USA

Dings’ Motion USA specializes in motion control solutions for the OEM Market featuring Linear Actuators, Motion Controllers, Rotary Motors and Rotary Actuators. Applications are far ranging, from biomedical and healthcare, factory automation, packaging and semiconductor.


Rotary brushless DC motors, 32 to 75mm in diameter, are available with an integrated servo controller. The SI series incorporates a speed controller; the PI series incorporates a position controller. The PI series is also offered with CanOpen, PROFIBUS, and EtherCat communication options. All brushless motors are supplied with encoder feedback. Options for the brushless motor line include planetary and worm gearheads and brakes. The line of brushed DC motors are offered in sizes ranging from 23 to 80mm in diameter with optional planetary and worm gearheads, brakes, tachometers, and a variety of encoders. The ServoTube Linear brushless motors are offered with rod diameters of 11 to 38mm, up to 420N continuous force, and internal feedback with 12 or 16 micron resolution. The Hygienic ServoTube has an IP67K high-pressure wash-down rating.


ElectroCraft, Inc. provides a wide range of application-engineered fractional-horsepower motor and motion products. A variety of standard products with many configurable options and custom OEM solutions are available. Brushless motor frame sizes range from 16 – 82 mm; DC brush motors available in NEMA 20, 23, 24, 30, 34, and 42. Low cost 30 mm, 40 mm, and 53 mm frame sizes are also offered.


A source for robotic and servo gear reducers, zero backlash drives, rack & pinion systems, servo couplings, linear mounting kits, and other precision mechanical drive solutions used in motion control and automation technology. GAM offers a wide range of standard products as well as the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide customized solutions. All products are manufactured in the U.S.


GMT offers a wide variety of linear motion, positioning stage, actuators, optical, and automation components for industrial automation applications. GMT manufactures their own precision ball screws providing design flexibility and short lead times on actuators and stages.


Linear, angular, and rotary encoders, digital readouts, length gauges, and associated electronics for position feedback and metrology applications are offered. Rotary encoders are available with or without integral bearings. Many models have a large hollow shaft design with or without a stator coupling. Linear encoders are available in sealed or exposed versions. Absolute signal outputs provide position values over EnDat, SSI, PROFIBUS-DP, and other serial data interface formats.

Nachi Robotic Systems

Compact industrial robotics for industrial use. Nachi offers a wide range of robots and turnkey solutions for many applications. Platforms rated for payloads of 1 to 1000kg, with reaches up to 3.9m, and have an embedded propriety vision system. Furthermore, the FD11 controller makes programming and initializing easy. Products include collaborative, SCARA, palletizing, and clean room solutions.

Optex FA

Industrial sensor solutions including laser measurement, photoelectric, fiber optic, laser sensors, color sensors and LED vision lighting. High accuracy detection of positioning, distance, thickness, flatness, stroke and depth. Photoelectric sensors for heavy washdown and tough conditions. Fiber Optic sensors with high speed response time and moisture detection. Color sensors with the ability to detect color and amount of color within its field of view.


Parco products revolve around t-slotted aluminum extrusions. Its design and fabrication are used in innovative products custom-created for the manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries.


Posital designs and markets sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems. Products include rotary encoders incremental and absolute, inclinometers, linear position sensors, and a large variety of accessories. These products are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy.

Quantum Devices

Rotary modular encoders with integral bearings ranging in size from 20 to 50mm diameter are offered in standard resolutions from 1,000 to 20,000ppr with or without commutation tracks. Sine/cosine output available. Multiple mounting options including an IP66 sealed version.


Renishaw offers a wide range of high speed, absolute and incremental, linear and rotary encoder systems for collecting straight line or angular position information. Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) encoders are optimized for use in vacuum environments.


Thomson offers a broad variety of linear components including ball screws, lead screws, profile rail, round rail, linear ball and non-ball bearings, precision balls, brakes, clutches, and planetary gearheads. Industrial rod-style actuators are available in DC and AC voltages and numerous environmental protection classes with force capabilities up to 2,000 lbs. Precision linear actuators are available with force ratings of up to 60,000N and stroke lengths of up to 2 meters. Belt and screw driven actuators with multiple guidance systems are offered to suit applications requiring changing speeds, loads, accuracies, environments, and duty cycles.


Toyo focuses on miniature robotic solutions, ranging from control single-axis linear actuators without motors to complete solutions of full motor kits and control systems. Linear drive products include actuators, servo cylinders, linear motor robots, desktop robots and air bearing linear motor systems.


Trio Motion Technology has been manufacturing high-quality motion controllers branded as Motion Coordinators since 1987. The product range provides control of 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors, or hydraulic systems.