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Product Videos

Please browse our collection of video content to find new and alternative ways to solve applications.


Product Overview

Akribis at ATX

Akribis Miniature Stages (AM Series)


CGI Manufacturing overview

CGI Inc. Your manufacturing and engineering partner for 50 years.

Copley Controls

Set up on XEC drive

AEV stet up with BISS-C encoder

High Inertia load tuning

AEV with ServoTube

CanOpen using CMO, Copley Motion Objects

Trio EtherCat Master with Copley

Delta Electronics

Delta Green Building – Delta Americas Headquarters

Delta MS300 VFD

PLC Ladder Programming using delta WPLSoft simulator | PLC programming training


Dings’ Joint Servo Actuator

Dings’ Slotless Brushless DC Motor Lead Screw Linear Actuator

Dings’ Kaptive Stepper Linear Actuator

Dings’ Compact Electric Linear Guide Actuator – DLG Series

Dings’ Closed Loop Stepper All-In-One Series – DS-CL28-SA


GAM GPL Zero-Backlash Gearbox

GAM GSL Strain Wave Gearbox Overview

Why Choose GAM?


GMT Overview

GMT Introduction

GMT Products

Nachi Robotic Systems

Nachi Robotics Systems

Nachi Applications

Nachi MZ10LF

Nachi MZ Series

Nachi 7 axis machine tending

Nachi Food Grade MC50M

Optex FA

Optex 2D laser measurement sensor

CD33 setup of analog output

CDX measuring glass thickness


Parco Machine Guarding

Parco Design Pro Software

Parco anchor and end fasteners tutorial


Posital Kit encoders

Posital Fraba Product Overview

Posital Wiegand Effect


Thomson HD Actuator

Thomson PC Actuator

Sync multiple HD Actuators


Toyo Built-in Guideway G Series

Toyo Rack and Pinion Actuators ETK / ENK / STK

Toyo High Speed Thrust Belt Drive Actuators – MG

Toyo Linear Systems Application USB Assembly Machine Demo

Trio Motion Technology

Trio Basic Programming

Motion Perfect v4

18 applications with Trio Controller