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Motion Calculators

When sizing an application, there are various equations that are used to determine what size components are required in order to meet application specifications. The below calculators were developed to help in the sizing & selecting process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our industry experts.

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Torque Calculator

Torque is a measure that quantifies the ability to rotate something about its axis. In order for something to rotate, a force must be applied at a distance/radius from its axis. At a fixed distance, the greater the force, the greater the torque generated becomes. With a fixed force, the greater the distance from the axis, the greater the torque generated.

Equation for Torque

Torque (τ ) = Force (lbs) x Radius (in)

Beam Deflection Calculator (60 Case Shafting)

A shaft supported by only it’s ends will deflect based upon the load being applied, the length of the shaft and diameter shafting being used. The below calculator will help determine the amount of deflection for a single bearing on a single shaft system.

Equation for Beam Deflection

Inertia Calculators

Rotational inertia is the measure of an objects ability to change angular velocity; it is harder to stop an object with a large inertia and by calculating the inertia we can determine what size motor (an/or gearbox) the application requires.

Inertia Equation (Solid Cylinder)

Inertia Equation (Hollow Cylinder)