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Provide Technical Expertise In Motion Control To Implement World Class Solutions.

Linear and Rotary Servo/Stepper Solutions

Motors act as the backbone of any system converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motors can be driven by both AC and DC power and operate in linear and rotary motion. Every motor has its own unique properties of speed, inertia and torque which required having a properly sized and selected motor to ensure optimal performance and control of the load being moved or positioned.

Drives, Amplifiers and Motion Controllers

Controllers are specifically designed pieces of hardware that command and control motion. They act as the brain of the system converting desired inputs or commands (i.e., position, velocity, acceleration and time) into electrical signals that drive the motor. Control architectures include both open and closed loop.

Drives, amplifiers and motion controllers for automation and motion control applications

Fully Configurable Linear & Rotary Sub-Assemblies

Stages and actuators are sub-assemblies that incorporate the drivetrain and bearing structure for use in linear and rotary applications. Having different bearing and drivetrain combinations allow the user to achieve different strokes, speeds and positionality. Drivetrain options include ball screw, leadscrew, belt and linear motor. Bearing options include profile rail, round rail, cross roller, wheel, v-guide, and planar/friction based.

Fully configurable linear & rotary sub assemblies for stages & actuators

Servo/Stepper Planetary and Harmonic Gear Reducers

Gearboxes are mechanical assemblies that increase the torque of a motor by reducing its speed and in doing so, combating inertia. In a well-designed system, the inertia of the load being driven should be no more than 10 times that of the motor’s rotor; when a gearbox is implemented the inertia of the load is reduced by the square of the gearbox ratio. If the inertia mismatch (load to rotor) exceeds 10:1, the load is hard to control and positioning becomes challenging.

servo/stepper planetary and harmonic gear reducers

Linear & Rotary Devices for Motor & Load Feedback

Encoders are feedback devices that are used to measure and monitor position to determine velocity and direction. This information allows the user to know where an object is and where it is going. Encoder technologies include magnetic, mechanical, resistive and optical. Output data can be both incremental or absolute.


6-Axis, SCARA & Collaborative Robots

Six-Axis, Collaborative and SCARA robots offer turnkey solutions for use in industrial automation applications. These industrial robots allow for multiple axes of motion in a compact package. The robots are adaptable to match their environment and are scalable to meet application demand.

6-Axis, SCARA & Collaborative Robots for automation and motion control applications

How We Do it

At Cymatix, we know what it takes for your application to be successful. From technical product suggestions and design strategies to our value-add team we will do whatever it takes to ensure your success.

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