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Nachi Robotic Systems

Six-Axis, SCARA & Collaborative robots offer turnkey solutions for use in industrial automation applications. These industrial robots allow for multiple axes of motion in a compact package. The robots are adaptable to match their environment and are scalable to meet application demand.

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Nachi Robotic Systems

Compact industrial robotics for industrial use. Nachi offers a wide range of robots and turnkey solutions for many applications. Platforms rated for payloads of 1 to 1000kg, with reaches up to 3.9m, and have an embedded propriety vision system. Furthermore, the FD11 controller makes programming and initializing easy. Products include collaborative, SCARA, palletizing, and clean room solutions.





SCARA Robots

SCARA robots (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) are robots consisting of 4 to 6 axes of motion and can be mounted both upright (floor mounted) or inverted. Their high speeds make them excellent for material handling, assembly, electronics and palletizing applications.

EZ Robot Series

The EZ SCARA Robot Series consists of 4-Axis (EZ03) models and is available in both floor and invert mounted configurations with a variety of reach and stroke options available.  This high speed robot series is excellent for material handling, assembly, electronics, and palletizing applications.

MZ03V4-01-4525 Robot: Inverted, 450mm reach, 150mm vertical

MZ03V4-01-4525 Robot: Upright, 550mm reach, 150mm vertical

MZ03V4-01-4525 Robot: Inverted, 450mm reach, 150mm vertical

MZ03V4-01-4525 Robot: Upright, 550mm reach, 150mm vertical

EC Robot Series

The EC06 series are simple structure robots with high-speed, high precision that meet for applications such as assembling, handling, and so on. Maximum reach can be selected from 3 types; 500mm, 600mm, 700mm. The tip axis is a hollow structure, therefore, tube/hose routing from the robot to the tool is simple. Complex construction is significantly reduced as well.

EC06-5020-01 Robot: 3kg, 500mm reach

EC06-6020-01 Robot: 3kg, 600mm reach

EC06-7020-01 Robot: 3kg, 700mm reach

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Collaborative Robots

A Collaborative robot (aka a “cobot”) are robots that are designed to work and operate alongside humans. Unlike a conventional robot which requires multiple layers of safety, Collaborative robots do not require machine guarding and light curtains to protect people from interacting with the robot. These robots are designed to work at slower speeds to prevent injury and are allow for more compliance when obstructions occur; instead of having the robot dedicated to maintaining its trajectory or path, it will stop at the first signs of obstruction.

CZ Robot Series

The CZ10 robot is easy to program, by moving the robot arm by hand. It is designed to detect contact with a person as well as with eliminate pinch points and sharp edges. This robot is ideal for applications where interaction with people occurs such as machine tending and assembly applications.

CZ10 Robot: 10kg, 1300mm reach

Six-Axis Robots

Six-Axis robots are hard-coded and dedicated to repeating the same task and work independent of human interaction. By being dedicated to performing a particular task, these robots can move quicker, move more mass/load, apply more force and reach greater distances. Six-Axis robots are highly versatile in that they can approach any position from a wide variety of paths and trajectories; allowing for unique pick and place arm orientations.

MZ Robot Series

The MZ series of Nachi Robots provide a compact solution for high-speed applications. Their hollow wrists allow for easy/smart routing of cables and pneumatic tubing as well as installation of solenoid valves into the robot body themselves. These robots can also be mounted in any configuration such as upside down, floor mounted or at any desired angle. They also offer an online tool that allows for easy modeling and simulations to best determine cycle times and through put.

MZ01 Robot: 1kg, 350mm

MZ03L Robot: 3kg, 1102mm

MZ04 Robot: 4kg, 541mm

MZ07 Robot: 7kg, 723mm

MZ07F Robot: 7kg, 723mm

MZ07L Robot: 7kg, 912mm

MZ12 Robot: 12kg, 1454mm

MZ25 Robot: 25kg, 1882mm

MC Robot Series

The MC Series of Nachi Robots provide a solution for wide envelopes and large loads; designed for various manufacturing processes. With payload ranges from 10-100kg, reaches up to 2055mm, IP65 protection and repeatability of +/- 0.06mm these robots are great solutions for industrial manufacturing applications.

MC10L Robot: 10kg, 2019mm

MC12S Robot: 12kg, 1400mm

MC20 Robot: 20kg, 1722mm

MC280L Robot: 280kg, 3101mm

MC350 Robot: 350kg, 723mm

MC400L Robot: 400 kg, 3756mm

MC470P Robot: 470kg, 2771mm

MC600 Robot: 600kg, 2890 mm

Robotic Controllers & Software

Introducing the intelligent robotic controller based on Windows. Robots and additional axes are easy to operate by using the teach pendant. Vision and force sensors, as well networks, are manage in one place.

CFD Controller (MZ Series)

Compact and High Performance Nachi CFD Controller. Offering the smallest controller in class (369mm W x 490mm D x 173mm H) it can be placed inside of robot riser to conserve value able space. This unit can control the entire work cell and peripheral equipment using built in standard Software PLC. Stores up to 9,999 programs as well as 2,560,000 program steps and can be backed up directly to a USB drive to prevent loss of programming data.  

CFDL Controller (EZ Series)

The CFDL controller can control a maximum of 6 axes per unit, can control AC servo motors with 17-bit absolute encoders, is IP20 rated and runs on single phase and 3 phase 200-230 Vac.

CFDL1-0000: 1 unit, 369mmx 490mm x 187mm

CFDL2-0000: 2 units, 369mm x 490 mm x 187mm

CFDL4-0000: 4 units, 369mm x 510mm x 263 mm

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FD11 Controller

This high-performance, multi-tasking controller features many hardware and software enhancements providing increased performance, cooperative motion capability, shorter cycle times and easy menu-driven programming. Easily connect the FD11 robot controller to auxilary equipment and machines using any industry standard communication protocol. The full color touch screen teach pendant can be customized for the user with 248 HMI style keys and FlexGui (Flexible Graphic User Interface).

Robotic cells require machine guarding; check out easy to configure machine guarding solutions.