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Cymatix Motor Selector

Use our product filter to select your motor based on technical specifications and parameters.

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Cymatix Motors & Brakes

At Cymatix, we have leveraged our 40+ years of industry experience to not only help customers size/select rotary brushless servo motor solutions but have the ability to provide custom motors and configurations to best meet application demands. Our designs are based on motor part sets which are manufactured overseas and stocked locally in Petaluma CA. By offering a modular design, we can generate hundreds of iterations of motor solutions based on inventory components. For unique applications, where we don’t have a solution on the shelf, our team of industry experts are here to help and will design a custom solution that is uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

Cymatix Motor Catalog.PDF

Motor Part NumberFlange
Voltage [Vdc]
Rated / Peak
Encoder Res
List Price
RFQCAD ModelsSpec Sheets
MP24-2B-MX2500-NN-01245824 / 1700.13000302500*$451.STEP.PDF
E017-1A-MX5000-NN-001425324 / 1700.13000305000*$253.STEP.PDF
E017-2A-MX5000-NN-001427224 / 1700.23000605000*$266.STEP.PDF
E017-3A-MX5000-NN-001429024 / 1700.33000905000*$293.STEP.PDF
EP23-1A-MX5000-CN-001577172 /1700.3960002205000*$388.STEP.PDF
EP23-2A-MX5000-CN-001579772 / 1700.6352503505000*$653.STEP.PDF
EP23-3A-MX5000-CN-0015712272 / 1700.7857504675000*$693.STEP.PDF
MP60-3A-MX5000-CN-0016014348 / 1701.340005405000$410.STEP.PDF
MP60-3B-MX5000-CN-0016014372 / 3101.340005405000$410.STEP.PDF
MP60-3C-MX5000-CN-00160143170 / 3101.330004005000$410.STEP.PDF
MP80-2B-BX2500-CN-00180153310 / 3102.4430007652500$452.STEP.PDF
MP80-2B-BX2500-CB-00180190310 / 3102.4430007652500$610.STEP.PDF
EP34-2A-MX2500-CN-0018215348 / 1702.4430007652500*$452.STEP.PDF
EP34-2B-MX2500-CN-00182153310 / 3102.4430007652500$452.STEP.PDF
Note: * indicates BISCC-C Absolute encoder available

Cymatix Brakes

If your application is vertical, adding a motor brake is highly recommended. These brakes mount to the front of the motor and internally have an electro-mechanical braking mechanism, which opens by applying 24Vdc. If a voltage signal is not sent to the brake, it will not release, preventing any rotational motion from occurring. This voltage signal can be commanded or operated as a fail-safe in the event of a power failure.  When the brake no longer receives voltage, it will stop motion thus preventing the load from moving and damaging the machine or the parts being processed in the machine.

Motor Brake PN Flange
Shaft Input
List Price
RFQCAD ModelsSpec Sheets
BPC023-24-026 57620.8246.35$200.STEP.PDF

Servo motors require drives/controls to run.