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Optex is a world leading manufacturer of high performance sensing technologies.

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Optex – Factory Automation(FA)

OPTEX FA CO., LTD. is a creative development company dedicated to providing photoelectric sensors, displacement sensors, vision sensors, LED lighting for image processing, and non-contact thermometers for quality control and automation in factory production lines, all at high quality, high performance and high competence.

Photoelectric Sensors

Displacement Sensors


Photoelectric sensors

OPTEX FA provides wide ranges of the photoelectric sensors for detecting the presence or absence of objects including transparent ones, sensing color marks and detecting distance. The photoelectric sensors or switches can detect objects fast and accurately, without contact,

Amplifier Built In Type

Photoelectric sensors with amplifier built-in. You can choose form Through-beam type, Diffuse type, Retro reflective type, and so on.

Through Beam: Z4T-2500x

Retro reflective: Z4R-400xxxx

Diffusive reflective: Z4D-100xxxx

Limited diffusive reflective: Z4D-L09xxx

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Fiber Sensor

You can choose fiber optics from over 200 models and amplifiers of multiple choices.

Various Mounting Configurations

Heat Resistant Configurations up to 350C

Chemical Resistant Configurations

Liquid Level & Leak Detection Configurations

Laser Sensor

High repeat accuracy by small spot laser beam.  You can choose from amplifier built-in type and separated type

Amplifier Built In: Z-L Series

Digital Amplifier Separate: DS Series

BGS Distance Setting Sensor

Background Suppression (BGS), sensors detect objects regardless its color and reflectiveness. OPTEX FA offers the widest line ups in the industry.

TOF (Time-of-Flight): TOF-DL/L Series

High Accuracy: BGS-HL/HDL/DLT Series

Stainless Steel Housing: BGS-ZM Series

Potentiometer Laser: BGS-DL Series

Transparent-object Detection

Detects transparent glass, film, plastic bottle, etc.  The sensors have the unique technology for detecting transparent objects.

Standard Size LED: Z3R-Q/ZR-QX Series

Laser Sensors with Display: DR-Q Series

SUS Protector & Small LED: KR-Q/SR-Q Series

Color Mark Sensor

High speed detection of color and mark with high accuracy for packaging and other industries.

Digital Color/Mark Detection: DM Series

White LED Fiber Amplifiers: D3WF Series

Displacement Sensors

OPTEX FA offers a wide range of laser displacement sensors for high-accuracy measurement of not only a distance from object, but also a width, gap and edge counting.

Laser Displacement Sensor

Compact built-in amplifier sensor with high repeat accuracy and linearity for wide line-up of measurement distances equipped with OLED display and IO-Link. Secular reflection models for a transparent or shiny surface object is available.

Ultra High Accuracy (+/- 0.015% F.S.): CDX Series

Middle-range Sensors: CD2H Series

Compact Sensors (W18 x D31 xH44): CD22 Series

Through-beam Edge Sensor

Compact through-beam sensor for measurement of edge position, gap and width.

Measure: Up to 300mm between heads

Repeatability: +/- 5 um

Linearity: +/- 0.4% of F.S.

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2-Dimensional Displacement Sensor

Profile measurement for height, position, width, edge count angle, area, line length and diameter.

Linearity: +/-0.1% of F.S.

Sampling Period: 0.5ms

Measures: Height & Width

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IIoT (Internet of Things)

Interface between IO-Link devices (sensors, actuators, and I/O) and controllers or information systems
Contribute to the creation of IIoT (Industrial IoT) environments.

IO-Link Master

High-speed IO-Link Master with 16 channels that enables to connect digital Sink(NPN)/Source(PNP) I/O devices in a single unit. Realized 0.3ms cycle time.

UR-MS16DT: CC-Link

UR-E16DT: CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, JSON

Downloadable Documents

IO-Link Hub

Unit that converts 1-channel IO-Link port to 16-point digital I/O

UR-DS16D: 16 x DI (source/Sink)

UR-DS16T: 16 x DO (source/Sink)

UR-DS8T: 8 x DI, 8 x DO (source/Sink)

UR-DS4AD: 4 x AI (Voltage / Current)