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Linear, angular, and rotary encoders, digital readouts, length gauges, and associated electronics for position feedback and metrology applications are offered. Rotary encoders are available with or without integral bearings. Many models have a large hollow shaft design with or without a stator coupling. Linear encoders are available in sealed or exposed versions. Absolute signal outputs provide position values over EnDat, SSI, PROFIBUS-DP, and other serial data interface formats.



Rotary modular encoders with integral bearings ranging in size from 20 to 50mm diameter are offered in standard resolutions from 1,000 to 20,000ppr with or without commutation tracks. Sine/cosine output available. Multiple mounting options including an IP66 sealed version.


Renishaw offers a wide range of high speed, absolute and incremental, linear and rotary encoder systems for collecting straight line or angular position information. Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) encoders are optimized for use in vacuum environments.

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