OPTEX Ultra-Compact Self-Contained Photoelectric

E Series

Design Features

Tough Mechanics. 100G Shock Resistance & IP67 Water Tightness

Self-contained, miniature-side and front-sense photoelectric sensor. 

The E Series features an incredibly slim housing, 3.5mm for the front sensing version and 5mm for the side sensing version. 

There are various sensing distances available, provided with molded M8 quick disconnect models that are standard.

OPTEX General Purpose and BGS Sensors

Z Series

Design Features

High Performance, Low Cost!

Compact background suppression sensors with a high power LED light source. 

High accuracy detection and a hysteresis as small as 3% allows for precise detection of objects without being affected by color or texture changes.

OPTEX High Power LED 

Z3 Series

Design Features

Discover Sensing Distances of up to 25m with the New, Affordable Z3 Series


The new Z3 series of photoelectric sensors is the next evolution of the globally acclaimed Z series of sensors. With the longest in-class sensing distance of 25m, the Z3 series includes a built-in amplifier that greatly improves detection performance and yet retains its ease of use and affordability.