OPTEX High Resolution Contour Detection - NEW!

OPF Series

Design Features

High Precision Edge Extraction & Foreign Object Detection with Transparent or Metal Objects

With both convergent and diffuse-type models available, the OPF series lets you select the directivity angle to suit your target. The convergent type, which employs the industry's first prism sheet, enables clear edge extraction of transparent workpieces and ghosting-prone metal workpieces, that are usually difficult to process using conventional models.

The OPF series features increased brightness (compared to conventional models) with the convergent type being 4x brighter and the diffuse type is 2.5x brighter.

OPTEX LED Ring Lighting

OPR Series

Design Features

Sensing LED ring lighting is now available!

Ring lighting with high efficiency LED and optimized lens design with heat sink enables two times the brightness when compared to conventional ring lighting. 

Attachment lenses make possible convergent and wide mode lighting methods. Optex exclusive "Falux" sensing provides monitoring of LED temperature, brightness and feedback controlling.

OPTEX LED Lighting Controller

OPPD-15 Series

Design Features

Smallest Dimensions in its Class

Super compact digital controller for LED vision lighting. 1,000 step adjusting with large digital display.

Synchronization of control input and PWM enables stable brightness for use in high speed capturing

OPTEX LED Controller & LED Bar Lighting

OPPF and OPB-S Series

Design Features

“FALUX sensing” technology enables brightness feedback controlling and monitoring brightness and temperature

Advanced controller provides PWM and strobe lighting control with brightness feedback via serial, parallel or analog communication.

Sensing LED bar lighting available in six lengths. Optex exclusive "Falux" (patent pending) sensing provides monitoring of LED temperature, brightness, and feedback controlling.