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OPTEX Fiber Optic Sensor

D3RF Series

Design Features

16µsec Response, Long Sensing Distance, Finest in Digital-Class Amplifiers

Advanced, next generation digital display fiber sensor featuring high speed and high performance. 

With a response time of 16micro seconds, the D3RF can be used for incredibly high speed sensing applications. 

The Amplifier also has an adjustable hysterisis that provides flexible sensitivity setup, from slight differences between parts to high vibration applications requiring larger hysteresis.

OPTEX Fiber Optic Sensor

BRF Series

Design Features

32 Models of Fiber Optic Sensors in the BRF Series - One to Fit Your Exact Needs

High-quality, cost-effective, manual-adjust, fiber amplifier with 10-turn adjustment pot, IP66 housing and flexible configurations. 

Incorporating an easy setup and rugged design, this amplifier can be used for a wide variety of general purpose sensing applications.