OPTEX General Purpose Laser Sensors

ZL Series

Design Features

Laser Light Source Projects a 2 mm Spot at 400 mm Distance (Diffuse Mode)

Self-contained laser sensors in compact housing. 

The ZL Series features pinpoint spot beams and repeatable background suppression sensing. 

With long distance thru-beam, retro and diffuse models, the ZL Series is ideal for various demanding applications requiring high speed and precise detection.

OPTEX Time-Of-Flight Laser

TOF Series

Design Features

Accurate Time of Flight Sensing

Excellent Repeatability with Very Small Hysteresis Between Black & White Objects

This self contained retro reflective and background suppression sensor series uses time of flight technology to achieve up to 2mm repeat accuracy at a 3 meter sensing distance. The time of flight technology accurately calculates distance based on the time of travel from when the beam is emitted to the time it is reflected off the target and back to the receiver.

Available with up to 2 NPN or PNP digital outputs. Dual ouput version good for Hi/Lo or slow/stop sensing applications. Incorporates a unique dual laser system to compensate for changes in temperature around the sensor.

OPTEX Retro and Thrubeam Lasers

D Series

Design Features

Innovative laser sensor featuring high accuracy, CMOS background/foreground suppression sensing and high quality coaxial beam with automatic gain control. 

Some optional models include digital display with remote teach for easy set-up, multi-functional timers and multiple teach functions for high flexibility. 

Great solution for detecting transparent objects.