OPTEX Ultra High Resolution Laser Sensor

BGS-HL Series

Design Features

High Resolution Background Suppression Sensor

  • Minimum detectable height difference = 0.08 mm (50mm Type)

  • Built-in controller 4 digit display

  • Stable detection regardless of object color

  • 2 distances 20 to 50mm and 50 to 250mm available

  • Selectable NPN/PNP Output

By combining 3 separate processes Digital Sub Pixel Processing, 
High Resolution Electronic Shutter, and Automatic Sampling mode
the BGS-HL Series  from Optex is able to achieve Precise height 
differential detection regardless of color and material.

OPTEX Reliable Background Suppression

BGS-DLT Series

Design Features

High precision background and foreground suppression laser is an excellent choice for detecting irregular, shiny, black or thin targets. 

The CMOS image sensor detects light quantity at each pixel, allowing for precisely accurate detection of the peak position returned light. 

The BGS-DLT Series includes an intuitive user interface with display, digital sensitivity adjustment and multi-function timers.