OPTEX CMOS Displacement Measurement Laser

CD22 & CD33

CD22 Design Features

High performance cost effective self contained measurement

sensor in an innovative compact housing.

  • Dedicated Hybrid Lens

  •  Original All In One Technology

  •  High Quality Feedback Circuitry

  •  Detects Various Materials from Black Rubber to Polished Metals with High Accuracy & Resolution

CD33 Design Features

CMOS sensor with +- 0.1% F.S. linearity packed in a half-palm size, ideal for built-in use with OEM machines.


OPTEX Linear Image Displacement Measurement Laser


CD5 Design Features

World's longest sensing distance of 2 meters with fine linearity of +- 0.1% F.S.

The CD5 Series LI-CCD displacement laser features high resolution and stable performance regardless of sensing material. 

Nine laser sensor models for all types of sensing surfaces and sensing distances up to 2.5Meter. 

Up to three laser heads can connect to one multi function LCD controller. Laser heads can also operate independently of the controller via serial communications.

OPTEX 2D Displacement Measurement Laser

LS Series

Design Features

Line beam provides high-speed, high-precision measurement of

height and width


Now you can perform whole-lot profile measurement on a

range of production lines to ensure quality control of parts and

materials. Offering superb high-speed performance and value

for money, the FASTUS LS series handles high-precision 2D

measurement applications that are not possible with spotbeam

laser displacement sensors. The LS series is a newgeneration

profile measurement sensor that opens up a new

category in the field of component measurement