CANopen, EtherCat, and Macro communication protocols are offered on the Xenus and Accelnet servo motor drives and Stepnet stepping motor drives providing distributed control solutions. The distributed architecture simplifies the amplifier-to-controller wiring. A single high-speed communication protocol can serve both motion and I/O. CANopen is supported with a PCI based master interface card. The CMO (Copley Motion Objects) interface software is accessed with Visual Basic.NET. The CML (Copley Motion Libraries) is written in C++.


The ASDA family of servo drives and motors offers performance and power in a small footprint. Available in several power versions, from 100W to 15kW, with up to three times the rated current for peak power. The systems are configurable for analog torque and velocity, pulse and direction, position registers, master/slave following, and indexing.  All products are CE and UL approved.  Brakes, and cables are also available.



Variable Frequency Drives are available from ¼ to 475HP. Configurations include micro, V/f, high-frequency (3KHz), closed loop vector, sensorless vector, constant torque, and variable torque. Programming is accomplished via protocols including RS485, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, and operator keypad. Portable LCD copy keypads simplify the transfer of programs between drives. VFD features include PID loop control, counters, multi-step speeds, MODBUS, auto-slip compensation, and adjustable acceleration/deceleration settings. All drives are CE and UL approved.