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High-performance multi-axis motion controllers and drives based on multi-processor SPiiPlus technology are available. The multi-processor architecture provides a fixed 20kHz servo update rate for up to 64 axes. The SPiiPlusSC (PC based SoftController) and the SPiiPlusNTM (stand-alone NeTwork Master controller) are motion controllers and EtherCAT Masters that include a powerful real time multi-tasking operating system. SPiiPlusUDMs (Universal Drive Modules) come in multi-axis form factors to reduce cost and footprint and are software configurable to drive any electric motor. Integrated controller & drive packages (MC4U and SPiiPlusCM) are also available. Various interface and I/O modules as well as third party EtherCAT devices are supported. Advanced controller simulator and programming software reduce application development cycle time and are available free of charge.

CANopen, EtherCat, and Macro communication protocols are offered on the Xenus and Accelnet servo motor drives and Stepnet stepping motor drives providing distributed control solutions. The distributed architecture simplifies the amplifier-to-controller wiring. A single high-speed communication protocol can serve both motion and I/O. CANopen is supported with a PCI based master interface card. The CMO (Copley Motion Objects) interface software is accessed with Visual Basic.NET. The CML (Copley Motion Libraries) is written in C++.


The DVP series PLC from Delta Products offers two types of Main Processing Units (MPU): standard and slim. Each type of MPU is available with extension modules to increase both digital and analog I/O to a total of 512 points. The full-size module PLC (DVP-EH2) has an extensive feature set including high-speed positioning. Temperature controllers are offered with dual loop PID and LCD display, pressure/vacuum sensors, and counter/timer display.


Open architecture motion controllers, servo amplifiers, logic controllers, HMI (Human Machine Interface) software, and CNC systems are available. The Power PMAC offers performance, flexibility and reliability. UMAC controllers can support up to 32 axes of motion. MACRO fiber optics connect amplifiers, remote controllers, and I/O. Digital drives, offered in a wide range of power ratings, are available with an optional MACRO interface. The Geo PMAC Drive uses a PMAC2 controller with 1 or 2 servo drives packaged in one enclosure. The Geo Brick Drive uses a Turbo PMAC2 controller with 4, 6, or 8 servo drives also packaged in one enclosure. The low voltage Geo Brick LV can drive servo or stepper motors in a variety of output current ranges.